Medisign Blood Glucose Meter

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The Medisign® MM1200 Blood glucose monitoring system is intended for qualitative measurement of the concentration of glucose in capillary whole blood from fingertip, palm, and forearm by diabetic patients or healthcare professionals as aid in the management of diabetes. It’s intended for use outside of the body (In Vitro Diagnostic Use) and not for diagnosis or screening for diabetes, nor for use on neonates or arterial blood. The alternative site testing (palm and forearm in these system can only be used during steady state blood glucose conditions.

 Special Features

  • Accurate result in 5 secs with using only 0.5μl blood sample
  • The meter calibrates the code automatically
  • Stores up to 300 test results.

System Content

  • Blood Glucose Meter
  • 10 test Strips
  • 3-Volt lithium battery
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