Forscar Scar Recovery Spray 100ml

KSh 8,500

FORSCAR forms a non-tacky, substantive, semiocclusive
barrier to treat old and new scars included Hypertrophic and
Kleoid scars.
Its flexible film-forming technology treats scars even on
irregular areas such as the hands and elbows, which are
normally difficult to cover.


  • Softens, flattens and fades old  and new scars included Hypertrophic and Kleoid scars.
  • Prevents formation of abnormal scars.
  • Ensures constant contact time to the entire skin surface to work 24 hours.
  • Compatible with human biology,  tested according to ISO 10993.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Relives itching and discomfort.
  • Indicated for use of children.
  • Self-dry, invisible, breathable sheet.
  • Scars are very delicate to sun. So, Use Forscar Scar Recovery Gel 30 SPF for the scars on face or other part of body where you expose to the sun.
  • Spray form is specifically designed for burn scars which is very painful to touch and wide scars.

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